Atlantis Financial Group Inc.

About Atlantis Financial Group Inc.

“There are risks and costs to a program of action but they are far less than the long risks and cost of comfortable inaction.”
- J.F.K.

Our Mission Statement

For those individuals with a desire to invest the time necessary, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable practicing financial professionals. We are committed to the responsible creation and preservation of wealth for clients, their families, and businesses. This is done while upholding the highest level of integrity and confidentiality, in a climate of warmth and respect.

Oriana Reichart

Oriana Reichart, CFP

With over 15 years in the financial services industry and a family business background, Oriana brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to Atlantis Financial Group. Oriana has been engaged as a Financial Advisor since 2011, working with clients to create personal financial plans, helping uncover what is most important and how to plan for, and protect, their financial well‑being.

Oriana currently holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. Formerly Oriana was the Compliance Branch Manager for one of Canada’s largest Mutual Fund Dealers.

Heather Friesen

Heather Friesen, CFP

Spanning over 30 years in the financial services industry, Heather brings comprehensive knowledge and expertise to discussions on professional asset management, estate planning issues . . .

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Melanie Kehler

Melanie Kehler

Melanie started with Atlantis Financial Group in May, 2014 and works behind the scenes as the Senior Administrator. Melanie is extremely knowledgeable in both Insurance and Investments. Her meticulous nature and strong organizational skills makes her an integral member of the AFG team. Prior to joining Atlantis Financial Group, Melanie worked for Cambrian Credit Union where she gained insight into the financial services industry.

Our Process

Atlantis Financial Group Inc. utilizes a unique principles-based consulting process. With our recognized focus on individual needs, we are able to effectively discuss and determine prudent and responsible solution strategies customized to meet those needs.

Our Services

  • Professional Asset Management. Our investment philosophy includes adherence to Nobel Prize winning economics strategies when discussing and implementing our professional asset management solutions. We help individuals visualize their future while understanding their current lifestyle needs.
  • Insurance and Risk Management. Where appropriate, the utilization of risk management tools to effectively mitigate risk to individuals, their families, and businesses can be achieved. The tools called upon may be through the proper use of life insurance, critical illness coverage, disability insurance solutions, personal healthcare plans, and company group plans.
  • Group Plan Integration Strategies © 2003. Occasionally clients comment: 'We know we have group coverage through our company group plans, but we really don’t know how it covers our family and for what. We’ve looked at the benefits handbook when we first got it, but we’d really like to understand things better. Can you look at our group benefits handbook with us and help us understand exactly what we have?”

Contact us to discuss our Group Plan Integration Strategies © services to understand how your company group benefits plan integrates into your family needs.

  • Designated Care Giver Assistance © 2007. Today’s lifestyle is hectic. Often, our client discussions lead to critical family issues including the care and support of aging parents. You know the day-to-day strain and stress can be exhausting, leaving little time for other important family matters.

Contact us about our complementary Designated Care Giver Assistance © program. A relaxed discussion over coffee, talking about your concerns, our unique experiences, and our services dedicated to helping families cope.

  • Estate Planning. Working closely with the professional accounting and legal community, we provide effective tax and estate planning solutions drawn from many years of experience.